Clipart 10 times cheaper than in photostocks

SHOPDIZ - is a revolutionary web-based service that automates the purchase photos and vector graphics, video fragments from photobanks. Price for a photo for website - 0.6 USD. Photos in maximum resolution - 0.6 USD.

Regularly publishes FREE PHOTO of high resolution.

Now you can sign up without the invitation code - click a direct link!

Free invitation codes to 20/05/2024

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If all the invite codes have already been used, please write to 

Start using professional imagebanks - free: Shopdiz !

For all designers and not only want to introduce a new convenient automatic service for photos, vectors, footage, and audio files from the world's biggest photo banks Shutterstock, iStockphoto, Fotolia. Link to this site and invite can be found on this page. Now more about the service Shopdiz:
  1. Fully automatic operation mode, the time of receipt of the file - up to 2 minutes
  2. Support for all file types.
  3. Cost largest image from Shutterstock and Fotolia - from 42 rubles.
  4. The cost of credit to the iStockphoto - from 6 rubles.
  5. Free photos
  6. Easy payment Webmoney, Interkassa (YM, QIWI, VISA, etc.)
  7. Hour support, the possibility of individual prices and order.
  8. Nice price, speed.
Prices are inclusive of bonuses for prepaid.

The test payment immediately credited to the account - you can just buy one image.

New - huge thematic collections of images at a substantial discount: